Storm clouds and dark glasses

by tiresomemoi

This week I’ve got guests, one of them is eight. I love the eight-year-old more than seems possible but yesterday I wanted to lock her in a closet. Today* she was mostly tolerable and despite the wet and the gray our day was pretty darn perfect.

First stop, the Louvre**. My friend, Matthieu, gave us a child friendly highlights tour: the Mona Lisa***, the Winged Victory of Samothrace, a couple of Ingresses, the Venus de Milo, some jewels, and Napoleon III apartments. (Pictures in chronological order.)

The liftLouvre 1


Winged VictoryVictory



Dust (Napoleon III apartments)dust

Piano (Napoleon III apartments)piano

Hot chocolate break, not pictured.

Mustache (On our way up)mustache

After the Louvre we headed to Les Jardins du Luxembourg for a little playtime. I pointed out 27 rue de Fleurus as we strolled past and told the child about Gertrude’s indecipherable writing, Picaso’s arrogance, and Alice’s cooking. We snacked in front of a petit Statue of Liberty and then headed over to Le Parc de Jeux where the child mastered the zip line and I made a valiant effort to pretend that I hadn’t noticed a famous actress playing with her son. I even refrained from picture taking. Famous people should not wear ridiculously large sunglasses on gray sunless afternoons.

After star spotting and zip lining we headed over to Le Dome for lunch. Why not live a little?

The child had a cheese sandwich. I had the sweetest shrimp in recent memory.

Beforepre shrimp

Pink and deliciousshrimp


We finished off with une noisette and a chocolat chaud. The child gave her hot chocolate a 9.5 out of 10, high praise.

The end of the mealhot chocolate

On the way home we stopped by  Rêves d’Acier (Dreams of Steel), a Medieval paraphernalia store, I’d not so secretly wanted to peek inside for months. Who can resist a store that sells swords and chainmail?  The child was suitably impressed and I got to scratch an itch.


Now she is reading Nancy Drew**** and I am typing. It even looks like the sun may come out before it gets dark.

*Today, I’m taking a break from the past to interject the present. Tomorrow, or the day after, I’ll get back to Marrakech.

**Wheelchair users and their companions can go in the out door.

***Here is a short article (and great pictures) about packing up the Louvre at the outbreak of WWII.

****The child is obsessed with Nancy Drew. (She insisted that I write that.)