Take off

by tiresomemoi

Before the crowdsempty

My last morning in Marrakech.


Mint deliveryDelivery

I sat beside this guy and his mint as I ate my breakfast. It was like bathing in mint.

On to the ext stopNext stop

EmptyEmpty too

Place Djemaa el-FnaEmpty fna

Shoeshine standShoeshine

Another shoeshine standShoeshine too

Kitten and chicken headskitten and chicken heads

On the way to the airport (Ready or not)Ready or not

My rideMy ride

Going up the stairs was a bit less terrifying than coming down them when I arrived, and this time I four guys instead of two doing the hauling.

Royal Marocroyal air maroc

Note the flimsy strap, that would be the only thing between me and death.

A British planeTake off

It’s amazing how quickly what once seemed completely strange and different can become familiar and even comforting.  After only a week I’d become adept at dodging donkey carts and hardly noticed whole sides of beef dangling in front of the corner butcher shop. I don’t miss the heat or the dust. I do miss the smells, the colors, my daily orange juice fix, mint tea, mint tea, and more mint tea, fresh everything, and and and. And I wish I’d bought more spices.

It’s hard to do things and write about them at the same time so I’ve got a backlog of Marrakech posts in my mind. I prefer to post more or less as I go but in this case I’ll be posting retrospectively. So, for the next few weeks, as far as this blog goes, I’ll still be in Maroc. I’ll be imaging the early morning call to prayer when the 5:18 RER goes by and will pretend to wake up to doves cooing and fountains burbling instead of the usual city noises. One good thing about posting after the fact is that I’ll be able to put things in a more logical order, though maybe that’s not so good. We’ll see.

The burbling fountain fountain