Lunch and dinner

by tiresomemoi

Today is my last full day in Marrakech so I thought I’d do a last supper post and throw in lunch and snacks as well. I hadn’t thought of this at breakfast so no yogurt pictures.

BeforeLunch before

DuringLunch 20120421

AfterLunch half eaten

I’m very much a creature of habit so this is also Wednesday’s lunch. Mohamad Sadir’s bread* 1.5 dirhams; 4 skewers ground beef, onions, and olives 15 dirhams

Snack, 5 dirhamsdrink

This is an avocado, strawberry, and something else smoothy. I know it doesn’t look like anything to write home about but it was one of the best things I’ve ever put in my mouth.

Between 199 and 201**drink place

Yesterday, in front of this stand, I  ran into a guy who works near where I’m staying. He said hi and asked if he could buy me a drink. I gladly accepted and now am hooked. If I have time, I’ll be back again tomorrow.

Fresh squeezed orange juice, 4 dirahms***orange juice

DinnerDinner 20130421

Bread (not baked by Mohamad Sadir) 2 dirhams, vegetable soup**** 3 dirhams

*More about the bread baked by Mohamad Sadir here.

**I couldn’t find the name of the street in English and there was no number out front but it’s between 199 and 201 on whatever street it’s on. If I go back tomorrow I’ll look again for an English street sign.

***Day four, same guy, close to same time.

****The guy next to me bought soup for the whole table: himself, me, a friend of his, and a guy who walked by and looked like he needed something to eat. I couldn’t finish my soup and offered it to the guy who looked hungry. He nodded and poured what was left of my bowl into his.

Consumed but not pictured:

mint tea, 2 dirhams

I will leave knowing two words in Arabic:

la – no

shokran – thank you