Welcome To Hill

by tiresomemoi

Welcome to hill

The call to prayer here sounds like a mix of air raid sirens and moaning, none of the melodic come hithers I remember from previous stays in Muslim countries. The call coming from the closest mosque is very short but the ones farther away linger on like an echo. I don’t know how long the individual prayers actually last, tomorrow I will time one.

Today  I ate my first sabra fruit (any of various cacti of the genus Opuntia, especially the prickly pear). It was citrusy with dozens of disc-shaped sunflower seed sized seeds. Later in the day I had an avocado and strawberry smoothy, delicious and another first.

Today in pictures:

Window boxWindow box


Ramp at the post office (one of two)post office ramp

Yellow dooryellow door

MushroomWrong way

Red wallred wall


Blue doorBlue door