khobz dyal smida*

by tiresomemoi

Bread 1

Yesterday, while on my way to the Ali Ben Youssef Madrasa a cart loaded with doughy rounds of goodness rolled passed me. I thought for a second then turned around to follow it. I figured it had to be heading for an oven and where there’s dough and an oven there’s bread. And who can resist fresh from the oven bread? Not I. I watched the dough go in and bread come out then ventured in myself.

The shopbakeshop

The dough**, waiting for room in the ovenBread three

Wood for the ovenwood

The long viewBread maybe

Not long nowBread 2

Some family’s dough*** Bread 4

Some family’s bread checks

Mustapha ready to make a deliverydelivery

Carts are lonely when they’re emptyready for more

The bread was indeed delicious. I ate a little  in the shop, fresh from the oven, then stored the rest for lunch. I was very proud of myself when I presented my own bread for a sandwich later in the day.


That’s my bread in his handThat's my bread

Mohamad Sadir, the Baker, can be found on Derb Laatabi (no number that I could see), directly across the street from Fuoundouk Oulad Allal Bakchach and halfway between the Ali Ben Youssef Madrasa and the Maison de la Photographie.

*Moroccan Semolina Bread

**This dough is destined for vendors in the souk.

***Individuals can also drop off their own dough for baking.

Ready for pick uphomemade