Jardin Majorelle

by tiresomemoi

There must be a movie about this place or at least a couple of racy short stories. Outside is all hustle and bustle but as soon as you enter the garden you’re in a world of lost weekends and frolicking youth.

In this case pictures are definitely better than words so here you go, a mini tour:

EnterJardin Majorelle C

All kindsJardin Majorelle A

PrehistoricJardin Majorelle J

SpikyJardin Majorelle K

In bloomJardin Majorelle I

Reflecting poolJardin Majorelle H

ShadowJardin Majorelle D

VineJardin Majorelle E

Yellow and blue*Jardin Majorelle G

The musée berbèreJardin Majorelle F

Of course (In memoriam)Jardin Majorelle B

Enter through the out doorJardin Majorelle L


The garden is mostly accessible though there are a number of raised viewing platforms which are not. Enter the garden through the barrier free exit and the musée berbère through the small but accessible bookstore. The café is also accessible but the bathrooms are not. There is a small step at the entrance to both the Love Gallery and Boutique Majorelle. The paths are mix of smooth cement (the bigger ones) and brick (the smaller ones). Some of the stairs are marked on the map, others are not.

Check their website (in French and English) for opening hours: http://www.jardinmajorelle.com/

*In case it’s not obvious from my pictures, there’s a strict color scheme: Klein blue**, bottle, green, lemon yellow, sunburst orange, and lipstick red. Did M. Klein and M. Saint Laurent know each other?

**It’s really Majorelle blue, named for the artist and creator of the garden, Jacques Majorelle.