Paris – Marrakesh

by tiresomemoi

EasyJet loo* (CDG)easyjet loo


Exploring the soukexploring the souq


*The EasyJet terminal is bright, modern, and well designed which is true of the restrooms as well. The only problem I faced was that my solo status and insistence that I was capable of rolling myself from check-in to the gate (all on the same level) caused a great deal of head shaking and teeth nashing, as though rolling unaccompanied was a danger to myself and others.

The airport in Marrakesh, Marrakesh Menara Airport (RAK), is also modern and bright. It was easy to maneuver through and there was a cleanish accessible restroom just opposite the baggage claim area. I say cleanish because the restroom was doing double duty as a storage area and, judging by the ashes in the sink, was also the go-to spot for illicit cigarette breaks. One caveat on the modernness of the airport, I had to be carried down the stairs from plane to tarmac. Usually when this happens I get to go backwards so I don’t have to see what’s happening. In this case they insisted I face forward.