by tiresomemoi

I first noticed a wild eyed Marianne on a Saturday after having lunch with a friend in the 10th. I snapped a picture and then promptly forgot about her. A few days later I stumbled upon a more sedate version of the unofficial Mother of the Republic in the 6th. Today I finally got around to tracking her down, she’s part of a street (living-room) art project by a guy calling himself Loix. Once I looked him up I sort of wished I hadn’t. Oh well, I’ll still enjoy running across Marianne as I make my way through the city.

Marianne in the 10th  (Rue Cail/Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis), 23 March 2013Marianne 10


Marianne in the 6th (Bd Raspail /Rue de Rennes), 28 March 2013Marianne 6