Arme du Salut, Palais du Peuple

by tiresomemoi

Palais du peuple, 1926 – Paris XIIIP du P from the front 

Architectes: le Corbusier (1887-1965) & Pierre Jeanneret (1896-1967)

29 rue des Cordelières 75013 Paris

The Palais du Peuple* is a rehabilitation and reintegration center run by the Salvation Army (L’armée du Salut). According to their website (in French), the complex houses “100 men aged 18 to 65 who are undergoing rehabilitation.”

The interior of Le Corbusier’s dormitory, which extends from the original building, is not visitable but the exterior can be easily viewed form the park behind, Square René-Le Gall. If you’re feeling adventurous, head through the double doors on rue des Cordelières, down a dark passageway, through a small courtyard (here you’ll pass the guardian’s office, let her know what you’re up to), head slightly right then slightly left and though another, shorter passageway, you’re almost there. When you emerge into a second courtyard look up.

Look upP du P 1

Unless you’re devoted to Le Corbusier you can probably skip this one. From my very limited understanding of things, the orientation of the dormitory wing is the innovation here. Le Corbusier and Jeanneret aimed to capitalize on the sunny site by orienting the extension toward the light while retaining as much light as possible for the existing edifice

And speaking of devotion, for an as-it-happened view of Le Corbusier’s work “Le Corbusier / Lucien Hervé : Contacts” is well worth checking out. It’s large, expensive, and in French but gives an exceptional look at the architect and 16 of his projects. Palais du peuple is not one of the buildings included.

You can see more of Lucien Hervé’s work here.

The back stairsP du P stairs

StripesP du P 2

Toward the sunP du P 3

From Square René-Le GallP du P from behind

*The areas that are more or less open to the public are wheelchair accessible.