This, That, and Cheese

by tiresomemoi

floating heart

Of late, I’ve been binging on expat blogs, I even read the paper version of David Lebovits’s Sweet Life In Paris.

It seems we’re all thrilled by the same things:

Warm baguettes!


And feel triumphant after the same small victories.

Carte de séjour, oh my!



This written while grasping my brand new carte bleu with my name proceeded by Mle on the front.

Then there are the unceasing language faux pas, I’ll save the cultural oopses for another post. One should not write “Bonjour Madame Smith” in a formal letter, that’s too familiar. “Bonjour” on it’s own or “Bonjour Madame” are more polite.

There is something satisfying about knowing the same mistakes I’ve made have been made before, will be made again, and are probably being made as I type.

Not a blog, but fulfilling the same need for me right now are the bootleg versions of “Paris, Je T’aime” floating around the interwebs. These are short, 5 to 8 minute, vignettes based on/in each of Paris’s 20 arrondissements. One of my favorites takes place in and around my neighborhood. It’s sweet and sad and gives me a hint of what my quartier might look like with sun and flowers: Paris, Je T’aime – 14e Arrondissement , directed by Alexander Payne

Having nothing to do with any of that, a nice bus driver let me on the bus today when there was already a stroller and another wheelchair onboard. It was raining and this simple kindness made me deliriously happy.