Green Things

by tiresomemoi

Free hats, 17 Mars 2013The Quiet Man

I’m not a green beer drinker but should you feel the need, The Quiet Man* looks to be the place. As I approached, heading toward my bus stop, I heard “2001: A Space Odyssey” wafting toward me. The bar was relatively quiet, the music was coming from an innocuous black voiture. The couple inside said voiture where rather milquetoast in appearance but clearly felt passionately about their music.

Cabbage, Marché Port-Royal, 16 Mars 2013Cabbage

On the bus home a young girl, fourish, was practicing her math and her spelling. My math skills where/are a bit more advanced but we’re more or less on the same level in the spelling arena. The girl had a loose tooth that was bothering her. In an attempt to distract her, her mother asked what she planned to do with the 2 euro piece La Petite Souris (The Little Mouse) would bring when the troublesome tooth finally fell out. “A Mouse?! Where I come from a Fairy brings the tooth money,” I interrupted. The girl looked at me skeptically. “A Little Mouse,” the girl’s mother replied.

Brooms, rakes, and shovels – 16 Mars 2013Brooms

*The Quiet Man has a flat entrance though is rather small and doesn’t have an accessible restroom. On second thought, if you’re a wheelchair user you might want to stop by on a day when they’re not giving out free hats.