L’amour, La maternité, et La mort

by tiresomemoi


I wander past the same buildings everyday and then one day, for no apparent reason, I’m drawn to something that’s never particularly interested me before. Today I stopped to contemplate three reliefs* depicting the stages of adult life: romantic love, procreation, old age and death. The vignettes are a bit cliché but still poignant. I wander what the inhabitants of 276 boulevard Raspail** think about the sculptures? I wouldn’t want to be confronted with my mortality and/or lack of romance every time I came home. Your thoughts?

la maternitéFamily


la mortOld age

*The reliefs are the work of sculptor, anarchist, and pacifist Emile Derré (1867-1938)

**276 Bd Raspail was built in 1905 by Théo Petit. More about 276 Bd Raspail can be found here. Here being paris1900.blogspot.fr a fabulous blog (in French) about Parisian Art Nouveau architecture.