Sandy Carrots/Les Carottes Sables

by tiresomemoi

Les carottes sablesSandy

My local Biocoop sells washed carrots (carottes lavees) and sandy carrots (carottes sables). For some reason I find this ridiculously amusing. The difference between sandy carrots and washed carrots is 17 centimes* and a lot of sand. I buy the washed carrots because, despite the fact that I wash the washed carrots before eating them, the sandy carrots look like too much work. Now that I’ve put that into words my refusal to buy sandy carrots seems silly. We’ll see, maybe next time I’ll try the sandy carrots.

What I boughtwashed 2

Next timeSandy 2

On the way home form purchasing washed carrots and a few other things for tonight’s dinner I spotted a pack of “Che” cigarettes on the sidewalk. The package design included a black stencil of Che on a red background, the word che in lowercase script, and the mandatory Smoking Kills warning. Using a dead revolutionary killed in a fifty-year-old revolution to sell something that may kill its users seems a wee bit strange.

Sandy carrots and Che** cigarettes, Vive la France!

Smoking KillsChe

*2.29€ per kilo for sandy carrots and 2.46€ for sandless carrots

** Ernesto “Che” Guevara

carotte laveeWashed