Burger Wars

by tiresomemoi

Not kosher (Sweet Cheese*)Burger

OK, maybe more of a skirmish.

This week, signs for drippy, cheesy burgers seem to be everywhere. MacDonald’s is advertising “limited-edition” burgers: Comté**, goat cheese, raclette, and Camembert (six weeks each). Not to be outdone, Quick is offering the Sweet Cheese: a burger topped with mozzerella, chester, and brie (only available until 25 March). And in a weird turn of events, on Monday, the Burger King twitter account became McDonalds@BurgerKing. Burgers seem so unFrench, I’m waiting for one of the chains to offer steak tartare. That would be interesting.

*The bottom of the sign says, Pour votre santé, mangez au moins cinq fruits et légumes par jour (For your health, eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day). There’s also a link to the National nutrition and health site. Some one is trying.

**On Tuesday my friend Jason allowed himself to be talked into a trip to MacDonald’s*** to try the new comté burger it wasn’t yet available so he settled for a burger with raclette . His description, ”It looks like it was made without a milligram of love but is still way better than American McDonald’s.”

***Not by me. My favorite Paris burger can be found here.