L’Artisanat Monastique

by tiresomemoi

La Boutique

Today’s discovery La Boutique Artisanat Monastique. This is a cute little shop in the 14th where you can fulfill all your (garden) party planning needs. Cleaning supplies to get your place spic and span. Soaps, lotions, and shampoos to get all gussied up for your gathering. Wines (beer too), meats, cookies, and dried and canned fruit for your guests to feast on. And tisanes and pjs to help you unwind after your guests have gone home. All made in French abbeys and monasteries.


In my basket: Abbaye de Bonneval chocolate, Sablés Bretons (pebble sized shortbreadlike cookies), and soap from le Monastère Notre-Dame (Orange-Grapefruit and Honey-Almond). The chocolate and the cookies were delicious. There’s something extra comforting about eating cookies made by nuns, all that imaginary extra love. I plan to try out the Orange-Grapefruit soap in the morning.

The main floor of the shop is wheelchair accessible. There is a lower level that is not but there’s plenty on the main level to keep you entertained. And there are friendly monks and nuns to answer your questions.

68 bis avenue Denfert Rochereau 75014 Paris

tel: 01 43 35 15 76 Fax: 01 43 35 14 43

M-F 12h00 to18h30 , Sat.14h to 19h00

If you’re not in Paris you can order monastic treats here.