by tiresomemoi


Better weather, better signs, more smiles, more style, more kids, more diversity*, way better music. Yesterday was my second manifestation and I’m feeling hopeful. Having now participated in two Pro Marriage rallies and seen one and a half anti rallies I’d say the Ayes have it. The anti rallies listed toward the grayer and whiter and seemed very last century. I just don’t see how they can hold on much longer.  If Portugal, Belgium, and Iowa can handle gay marriage I don’t see how France can be far behind.

YesOui 2

Pity! She told me, Not until [we’re] marriedPity

Jesus had 2 fathers and a surrogate mother2 papas

Enough!That enough

Be on the right side of historyThe right side of history

Giving me rights doesn’t deprive you of yoursDes droits

Enough of the blabla[bla]Enough

Not PG13On veut la PMA

Me too, I also have the right to [have] a husbandMe too


*agewise, ethnicitywise, and classwise