152 Senegalese Workers

by tiresomemoi

And to his 152 Senegalese Workers152 workers

Monument to Jean-Baptiste Marchand* (1863-1934), some other White guys, and 152 unnamed Black men.152 workers 1

152 workers 4

152 workers 2

Last week a friend was in town for a conference called Black Portraiture[s]: The Black Body in the West. I sat in on a few panels and was more than a wee bit disappointed. The speakers were alarmingly uneven, there was a disconcerting level of unsisterly sniping, and many of the papers were so packed with jargon as to be incomprehensible to the lay person. That said, there were highpoints as well. The presence of Jean-Ulrick Désert and learning of the former glory that was Gladys Bently** being the highest points. Most importantly for my internet blathering I left the conference on the lookout for Black people in Paris. Not living, breathing Black people, but painted and chiseled black people.

Detail (Black Man with a Gun)152 workers 3

*The monument to Jean-Baptiste Marchand is located in the south-west corner of the Bois de Vincennes.

**Other people, places, and things new to me:

autograph abp 

White: Essays on Race and Culture by Richard Dyer

Philip Metz  

I found this while googling “Black people in Paris”: A glimpse of the African Diaspora in Paris, from the Arc de Triomphe to the Assemblée Nationale.