Bread and Roses

by tiresomemoi


Pink rose

I’m attempting to keep track of eating/drinking establishments that are better than average and are relatively accessible. So for today I offer Bread and Roses. Bread and Roses has an almost flat entrance and despite being smallish there’s plenty of room to maneuver a wheelchair and comfortably enjoy a snack. There is not an accessible restroom but freestanding eating establishments (those not inside a museum, library, department store, or other cultural outpost) are so rare in the city of light as to be almost mythic. The food, organic bread, pastries, quiches, and small sandwiches, is more than averagely good with matching (more than averagely high) prices. Tea is served in metal pots and is enough for two to share. Coffee drinks are oddly economical when compared to the other items on the menu. They’re located a block from the Jardin du Luxembourg and if you’re a fan of literary Paris, 24 rue de Fleurus, the former home of Alice and Gertrude is right up the street.


€17.50 for a single serving quiche served with greens and a giant basket of bread, €6.50 for a pot of fresh mint tea

62 Rue Madame, 75006 Paris

Phone:01 42 22 06 06

Hours: Monday – Saturday 8:00 am–7:15 pm, closed Sunday