Gray Paris

by tiresomemoi

The Louvre from the Pont Royal*The Louvre from the Pont Royal

Today, as I rolled home through the quite gloom it occurred to me that, despite my daily whining about the cold and the wet and the constantly gray skies, come spring I’ll miss the relative calm.

Bus service all over Paris was disrupted today because of the Mariage Pour Nous (Marriage For Us)* rally so I spent more time rolling in the rain than I would have otherwise. I enjoyed the empty streets** and the sidewalks washed clean of most of the “crotte de chien.” It started to snow about a half mile from my apartment, the first snow of the year.

La Pyramide du LouvreLa Pyramide du Louvre

L’OrangerieThe Orangerie

Unexpected ViewUnexpected view


High Rises in the 13thHigh rises

Le Grand Palaise Grand Palais

Streetlight, Avenue René CotyStreetlight

New GrowthNew Growth


*The first two pictures where taken today. The others where taken during the last three months.

**I prefer Mariage Pour Tous (Marriage For All)*

***I avoided the rally route as much as possible and think today’s quiet may also have been due to the march. Rain, limited bus service, and blocked streets probably kept a lot of people at home.