Trees and Trailers

by tiresomemoi

Beforetree before

AfterTree after

A few days ago I came home to find the lobby tree limbless.

What wasBefore

What isAfter

Sometime between 31 December and 3 January Mme Ranah’s trailer burned to the ground. In the three months before the conflagration I’d passed her trailer at least 96 times but never once saw her. The trailer next door seemed to do well serving crepes and hot dogs and I often wondered if the two were connected. The crepe trailer seems more or less unscathed but hasn’t reopened. I have no idea what happened and keep waiting for the burnt remains to magically disappear. I wander if Mme Ranah saw this coming?

Update 25 février 2013

Past, Present, FutureShe's back

In early February a new trailer appeared where the old one had been. A few days after that, I noticed a light in the trailer and stopped to take a picture. As I aimed my phone I noticed a woman heading toward the trailer door. Are you Mme. Ranah?, I asked. Yes, she said. She was not the shapeless, flowy skirt and colorful scarf wearing woman I’d expected but rather an elegant black clad, red haired, carmine lipped woman of a certain age. She explained that on the night of réveillon (New Year’s Eve) some hooligans had gone around the neighborhood lighting cars on fire. Her trailer was one of their targets. She cried when she saw the wreckage and was fearful her insurance wouldn’t cover a replacement. Happily it did.  To her amazement strangers and neighbors began calling to see if she was ok and to find out when she’d be back. And people like me stop her to say how happy they are to see her trailer and to know she’s back in business. Should you find yourself in the 14th near Denfert-Rochereau Mme. Ranah is available by appointment everyday but Sunday. She can be reached at The crepe place is back in business as well.

4 avril 2013, The latest incarnationVersion Three

It’s rather bunkerlike but the green is nice.