Cake, Condoms, and Cutlery

by tiresomemoi

or A Sunday In Paris


Happy Epiphany! It’s 6 Janvier and here in France that means pâtisseries are filled with galette des rois. The “parisienne” version is a flakey, buttery, frangipane filled slice of goodness. Hidden inside is “une fève” and whoever finds the lucky charm gets to be king for the day. I breakfasted on galette des rois and hope for many more encounters with this yummy goodness in the coming days.

galette des roisGalette des rois

King for the dayPaper crown

This morning as I left my building I hit the side of the curb cut at just the wrong angle and went sprawling. A passerby and the gypsy woman who sits on the corner came to my rescue. The gypsy woman looked so pained to see me sprawled on the ground that I felt guilty for my clumsiness. One of these days I’m going to do actual damage but for now the worst part is the embarrassment.

1969old wine

Sundays I sleep late then head to the flea market. I enjoy the higgly piggly jumble of leftovers and the no longer wanted. And the possibility of creating and fulfilling a need in a single moment. Who knew I needed a hooved cutlery set until there it was calling out to me? That said, I’m more of a lookie-loo than an avid shopper. I like to paw through relics of the recent (and not so recent) past imagining the lives connected to them. I ogle the various collections: teacups, keys, cameras, clocks, toy soldiers, souvenir spoons, pink sweaters, but don’t need to bring them home with me. Then there are the sellers and the other shoppers: the hunchback giant looking at old prints, the Italian woman eating chestnuts and wearing a small fortune in Prada yet bickering over 2 euros, the frizzy haired man playing the miniature piano…

GB’s underthings
GBs under things

A child sized hand stitched French made costume Maid's uniform

The nearest market to me is Marché aux Puces de la Porte de Vanves. This market is a mix of formal vendors selling Persian carpets and enamel colanders and more hopeless (hopeful?) sorts selling odds and ends laid out on sheets, newspapers, and trash bags.


Case of shoes


1001 Nights

Blue stuff



Fin du Marche

The Marché aux Puces de la Porte de Vanves is just off of the wonderfully accessible T3 tramline, stop Porte de Vanves. Other stops along the T3: Rosa Parks, Colette Besson, Ella Fitzgerald, Adrienne BollandMarie de Miribel, and Delphine Seyrig.

The flowers were lovely but had no smellRoses

On the way to the market, crotte de chien (not pictured) and a condomCondom