Eiffel’s Tower Part Two*

by tiresomemoi

It’s nice to feel welcomedAccess Eiffel Tour

I like views and vistas but I prefer views of the Eiffel Tower to views from the Eiffel Tower. This may be because every time I’ve been up the tower there have been gail force winds, arctic temperatures, and/or pouring rain. That said, on a (bone chilling) recent visit I was pleased to find the tower more accessible than I’d remembered.

Looking up from the 2nd floorLooking up, Tour Eiffel

The Eiffel Tour has the “Tourisme & Handicap” label and is relatively wheelchair friendly**. Wheelchair users and the person accompanying them enter at a reduced rate***. If you are a planner you can book ahead and buy tickets online.  If you’re not a planner you can avoid the line by going to the North Pillar (This is also where you’d go if you had pre purchased tickets).  Once at the North Pillar, one non-wheelchair using member of your party will be accompanied to the front of the ticket line to buy tickets for the group. If you’re a wheelchair user on your own they will be flustered but will figure out a way to get you your ticket. Once ticked you’ll be lead to the elevator. The elevator is huge and easily entered and exited but will be tightly packed.

Waiting for the elevatorWaiting for the elevator

Flat and wide elevator entry/exitElevator, Tour Eiffel

This is what runs the elevatorWheel, Tour Eiffel

The restaurant, cafes, and gift shop are accessible and there are accessible restrooms on both the first and second floors.  There is also an accessible restroom at street level behind the East Pillar.

Looking down from the 1st floorLooking down, Tour Eiffel

Looking northeast from the 2nd floorView, Tour Eiffel

*Part One here.

**You can find pretty much all the accessibility info you might need here.  And still more info here.

***Only the 1st and 2nd floors are open to those in wheelchairs. Wheelchair users cannot go to the summit for “safety reasons”.

Misc.: If you’re the girl-scout type leave your pocketknife at home.