The Anne Frank Museum

by tiresomemoi

Anne Frank

If you’re pressed for time, accesswise, this one’s a skipper. If you’ve got time to spare, I love the neighborhood around the Museum* and the museum isn’t entirely inaccessible. The accessible entrance is at 10 Westermarket, around the corner from the main entrance (this is also the staff entrance).  Entrance for those in wheelchairs is free as there isn’t much to see. You’ll be taken by elevator down to the basement level where there are restrooms**, a café, a few videos, and a small room displaying artifacts representing each year of Anne’s life. For me, this little room was worth a trek in the rain.


**The restrooms are potentially doable but not at all ideal. I could enter the stall but could not close the door. This meant that everyone who entered the bathroom was faced with me sitting on the pot. I smiled, they looked down.