tiresome moi

pendant ce temps, à Paris

Testing tent (001)

Testing tent, rue d’Alésia – 4 December 2020

In the last few weeks these testing tents have sprung up all over town. Better late than never.  

Princess pink (Lost masks 032)

Princess pink, rue Froidevaux – 1 December 2020

White on white (Lost masks 031)

White on white, rue Cassini – 26 November 2020

Bow tie (Lost masks 030)

Bow tie, rue Raymond Losserand – 19 November 2020

Wash your hands often, your feet seldom, and your head never.
— John (W)ray

Daily cases in France are slowly falling, from a seven-day average of 54,000 on 7 November to 28,500 yesterday, 18 November. Still way too high but moving in the right direction. During our first period of confinement my reading matter skewed dark with a smattering of Dickens (Bleak House and David Copperfield) for levity. I found my reading very helpful for putting that strange time into perspective. This time around, my reading is a bit lighter. I’m currently mid-way through Elenore Herman’s The Royal Art of Poison. For much of our past, the cure was often worse than the illness. Some of my favorite “cures”: rubbing hemorrhoids with a severed handing, consuming animal excrement mixed with honey and herbs, sleeping with dead animals. Such remedies make mask wearing, constant hand washing, and mostly staying home seem like minor inconveniences.

Mask masquerading as something else (Lost masks 029)

Mask masquerading as something else, rue Jonquoy – 12 November 2020

I watched Blade Runner (released in 1982, takes place in 2019) last night. It turns out we were worried about the wrong things.

Triangles, stripes, and squares (Lost masks 028)

Triangles, stripes, and squares, rue Jonquoy – 12 November 2020

Test (Scenes from a plague 016)

Test, rue Sarrette – 13 November 2020

My butcher (Place markers 029)

My butcher – 13 November 2020

Merci! (Scenes from a plague 015)

Merci!, rue Daguerre – 12 November 2020

Complementary Colors (Disposable gloves, 101)

Complementary Colors, ave du Général Leclerc – 9 November 2020